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Caring for Our Neighbors


Dear PTC Partners,

As you already know, concerns about the COVID-19 virus are prevalent across the world. This pandemic is particularly concerning for the Texas public schools served by our ministry. Texas’ public schools are the front lines of serving children in need, especially when it comes to free meal programs and caring for homeless students. We will continue to pray for these schools as they make hard decisions about how to proceed.

Faith communities and ministries like ours are also making difficult decisions about how to best protect those in our network of care, particularly the most vulnerable. Out of an abundance of caution, PTC has decided to reschedule our April events with Diane Ravitch to October of 2020.

If you have already purchased a table sponsorship for one of the April events, more details on this postponement will be coming soon. You are welcome to use your donation to reserve a table at our October events or request reimbursement for your purchase at this time.

We will still be hosting events in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, and we are still accepting table sponsorships for October! Most of all, we are looking forward to sharing Diane’s inspiring message with all of you later this year!

Our team is having intentional conversations with our church and school partners to discuss how we can be on the frontlines of community service during this trying time. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we practice our Savior’s call to love our neighbors, especially the most marginalized.

In Christ,

Rev. Charles Foster Johnson

Pastors for Texas Children

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