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Pastors for Texas Children is a ministry that serves Texas’ neighborhood public schools through prayer, service, and advocacy. We support our schools by initiating school assistance programs with local congregations, promoting social justice for children, and advancing legislation that puts the needs of Texas children, families, and communities first. 


Pastors for Texas Children believes that public education is a human right, a constitutional guarantee, and a central part of God’s plan for human flourishing. When this sacred trust and provision of God’s common good comes under attack by the forces of privatization, we respond with prayer, service, and advocacy. We work for a day when all pastors, all faith leaders, and all people of faith and good will support free and fairly funded public schools for all of God’s children.  


Pastors for Texas Children is not just another education organization. We are an independent ministry, not beholden to any special interest group, political party, or church office. We believe in local democracy, cooperation across lines of difference, and organizing to support public education opportunities for Texas children. We see prayer, direct service, and legislative advocacy as parts of an integral whole, not separate initiatives. We offer legislative and community service solutions that guard the values of all Texans.


Pastors for Texas Children is rooted in Christian tradition, and we are open to all who share our vision of equitable public school funding. Our ministry seeks to answer the call of God by serving to the children, principals, teachers, superintendents, and staff who make up our Texas public school community. Our faith is lived in acts of prayer, service, and advocacy that respect God’s good gifts of religious liberty and church-state separation. 

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