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Are you a faith leader, parent, educator, administrator, or community leader ready to raise your voice for Texas kids and Texas schools?  We've got three ways you can do just that:

1. Download our School Ministry Toolkit:

Are you part of a faith community ready to serve your local school through prayer, service, and advocacy? Our School Ministry Toolkit equips you with a framework for school service and advocacy.

2. Get in Touch with Your Legislator:

Church leaders, legislators are always interested in hearing from you. Faith leaders are a moral voice in the public square. Setting up a phone call or meeting is an easy way you can support public schools. 

3. Stay in Touch with PTC

Get in touch by subscribing to our email list below-someone will be in touch shortly to let you know about how you can join our mission as a partner of PTC.


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Volunteer your time

Live your faith by volunteering at a local school! We'll help set it up--

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