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Highly successful fundraising event

We had a highly successful virtual fundraising event last week, thanks to our many generous sponsors and even more generous friends that purchased tickets to attend. We had about 300 people in participation that day. We are so thankful to Diane Ravitch for giving so much of her time to us in support of our mission and message, and to Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune for his skillful interview. We all learned much and were greatly inspired.

Mark Wingfield, executive director and publisher of Baptist News Global, covered the event and wrote a wonderful summary of Diane's talking points:

Diane Ravitch wants you to think about this scenario: Imagine your community with two or three fire departments with different resources and you have to choose which one to call when your house catches fire. Or imagine your community with two or three different police departments that you choose among when you call 911.

Most Americans would see such scenarios as ridiculous, she believes. Yet when it comes to public education, another essential government function is being treated just that way.

Thanks again to our amazing sponsors for being generous partners to us in this movement to protect and support our public schools.

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