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Standing Up and Speaking Out

Dear Friend of PTC,

Like many of us, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a reluctant servant. At 26, right out of theological school, all the young pastor wanted to do was to grow his church and minister to his people. He was hesitant about getting involved in something as controversial as civil rights.

But, the elder ministers of Montgomery saw the dynamism and giftedness of the young preacher. They approached Dr. King with the challenge to be the clergy spokesperson for the Montgomery bus boycott, which was already in place. They compelled and commissioned him to lead.

So, in today's movements for justice, let us ask ourselves: How are we afraid of standing up and speaking out for justice? What is that place of hesitation within your conscience, that fear of reprisal? Chances are, that's the place for us to take action.

Listen carefully: someone in your community is challenging you to act. Today. Now.


Rev. Charles Foster Johnson

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