Across the nation, faith leaders are raising their voice to say: Public schools are a key provision of God's common good. Through prayer, service, and advocacy, we're raising our collective voice to defend our schools from attacks, cuts, and voucher schemes that threaten the goodness of public education.


Faith leaders and partners in the Pastors for Children network support their local public schools through:

Prayer: The servant leaders who serve our kids in public schools need our prayerful support. Across the nation, diverse faith communities are lifting the needs of students, staff, teachers, and administrators in prayer.

Service: Backpack and food drives, tutoring and volunteer support are consistent needs of public schools. PFC partners step in to fill the gaps through community service initiatives that respect God's good gifts of

church-state separation and religious liberty.

Advocacy: Funding for public education is a bipartisan value, a moral mandate, and a Constitutional requirement. Leaders from diverse faith traditions are joining together to demand that state legislatures fairly and equitably fund public schools. Our state budgets are moral documents, and they should reflect our

pro-education values without resorting to cruel cuts, voucher schemes, or privatization.

Are you a faith leader, parent, educator, administrator, or community leader ready to raise your voice for  our nation's kids and schools?  There may be a state affiliate near you; check out the list below!

Have general questions? Want to start a school service ministry in your area? John Noble, Pastors for Texas Children's Communications Coordinator, would be happy to put you in touch with leaders in your area!

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