Legislative Priorities

Since our founding, Pastors for Texas Children has been guided by a clear vision: care for our neighborhood public schools, and advocacy for fair and equitable school funding. Because of this vision, we’ve built a mass movement of faith leaders across Texas dedicated to protecting and respecting public education as a moral good. 

Legislators are always ready to hear from faith leaders, and it's more important than ever that people of faith be a moral voice for fair and equitable school funding. Set up a call or a meeting today!

Not sure what to tell your representative? These are PTC's legislative priorities:

  1. A Pro-Student Budget: Promote funding increases for education across the board.

  2. A Head Start for Texas Kids: Create fully-funded, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs.

  3. Public Money for Public Schools: Fully fund our schools, and say no to any voucher schemes.

  4. More Time in the Classroom: Promote limits on state standardized testing.

  5. Democracy and Transparency: Reign in out of control charters. Schools should answer to Texans, through democratically-elected school boards.

Do you share these priorities? Do public schools matter to you?

Contact your state representative and tell them to vote pro-public education!

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