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Government censorship

Dear dedicated leaders and professional educators –

Early voting ends this Friday. If you haven't yet voted, you still have time! And we have an important message to get you to the polls.

This is the fourth video email message brought to you by ATPE’s Teach the Vote, Friends of Texas Public Schools, and Pastors For Texas Children.

Today's video message is by Reverend Natalie Webb, pastor of University Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Rev. Natalie is also a public school mom, and she tells us in this video what she thinks about the political stunts we're seeing from our state leadership regarding public education. She says it's nothing but government censorship. We agree with you, Rev. Natalie! And we think Texas voters are fed up with these stunts, too. Take a look at the video, and share it with all your friends!

Teachers, superintendents, bus drivers, custodians, coaches, nurses, and every other support staff segment of our Texas public schools have risen courageously to the all-important task of loving and serving our children, no matter what unexpected challenges you face. No one has stepped up bigger than you and your colleagues during the last two years to lead our communities through the uncertainty that has been the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow along here with our series where the videos will be posted as they are released. If you missed the first three videos in this series, make sure to see the first one with Leslie Milder, the second with Chris Wallace, and the third with Suzi Kennon. Many have asked us, "How do we know which candidates are supportive of public education?" Fortunately, ATPE has a resource just for this! Check out their Teach the Vote website, enter your address, and find each candidate's answers to a public education survey. Also, our close partner, Texas Educators Vote, has developed an awesome resource that lets you explore "Who does what in public education." You can search by position or by issue, and find out which elected positions you want to focus on when you vote and when you advocate.

Find your polling place and times here, along with a sample ballot, and remind your friends that they can make a difference for Texas schoolchildren by casting a ballot in support of public education! Be encouraged, our friends. We are behind you in prayer and gratitude! -Friends of Texas Public Schools -Association for Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) -Pastors for Texas Children

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